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Library & Learning Resources

Library Resources

QSI International School of Münster has two libraries with over 4,000 volumes of English texts. The elementary library is designed to host classrooms for library lessons hosted by the homeroom teacher. The secondary library is arranged for students to use for independent work or group study sessions. All students are able to check out non-fiction texts for research and fiction texts for leisure reading.  Parents can also check out books to support their child at home with plenty of reading material. Books are added to the collection annually. 

Digital Texts and Textbooks

Students are provided with digital texts for certain courses. The availability of digital texts will vary on subject and age level. Digital texts support the school’s use of blended learning and eliminates the need to transport texts to and from home.

Educational Programs Used at QSI Münster

We carefully select digital and online programs to support learning, assuring that our choices match with our curriculum and goals for student growth.

Gale Pages – Research database

IXL – Platform to work on English reading comprehension and grammar

Reading A to Z – Digital stories for students aimed at specific age levels

Epic - Digital stories for students aimed at specific age levels

NWEA MAP testing – Testing platform to assess student growth in English and mathematics

Savvas  - Interactive online math lessons and texts that aligns with Math textbook

Khan Academy – Math assignments to further support mastery learning  

SeeSaw – Elementary student platform for interactive lessons in all subject areas

Microsoft 365 Suite