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Health and Safety

QSI's Commitment to Child Protection and the Keeping Safe Curriculum

QSI as a global education organization recognizes the importance of safe guarding the children in the care of our schools and school staff.  Part of our commitment to ensuring child safety is through a dedicated curriculum as well as training for staff and consistent reporting methods.  Above all, all adults at QSI schools believe that all children deserve to be safe in their learning environments.

Click the letter below to read both pages of our letter to the community regarding Child Protection and the Keeping Safe Curriculum, including a link to the Keeping Safe curriculum site for parents.

First page of the PDF file: KeepingSafeCurriculumLettertoParents20201

QSI Münster's Covid-19 Response and Safety Plan

Click the document below for the details of our Covid-19 Response Plan.  Please consider that as the local and national response to Covid-19 changes with time, our response plan is likewise changed to reflect the most current guidelines for school operation in Germany and in the NRW state.
First page of the PDF file: QSIMunsterCOVIDOperations2020-21Feb191