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Dear Parents,

Welcome to QSI International School of Münster! It is our pleasure to serve the Münster community in providing a supportive and safe learning environment for your child. Our school motto is “Success for All”; this means we provide an education that focuses on the children’s individual needs so their learning experiences are successful. We achieve this individualized approach by using the Mastery Learning philosophy in each lesson and incorporating the study of Success Orientations.

With Mastery Learning, the teachers routinely evaluate your child’s academic progress before, during, and after an academic unit of study. This approach tailors the learning experience and maximizes the time your child spends on studying and working towards mastery of new knowledge. Our school does not rely on a single time-based exam to demonstrate gained knowledge or mastery. Instead, we provided various performance and project-based assessments which allow the students to work closely with the teachers in demonstrating mastery. Should your child need extra attention on preparing for a class presentation or require additional time to complete a science lab report, the teachers at QSI International School of Münster will provide extra assistance on completing the academic projects. In addition, students who demonstrate mastery at a faster pace will be encouraged to embark on additional units of study. Every student will be supported and challenged in being successful with the QSI curriculum.

Beyond the academic courses, the educators focus on teaching the whole child. We achieve this through the implementation of QSI’s Success Orientations: Trustworthiness, Responsibility, Concern for Others, Kindness and Politeness, Group Interaction, Aesthetic Appreciation, and Independent Endeavour. Our teachers incorporate the Success Orientations in all aspects of student activities. Most importantly, the students and parents are provided feedback 5 times a year on each child’s progress of using Success Orientations within campus life. Spending time on Success Orientations supports the students in being successful at QSI International School of Münster and in life beyond our school campus.

Our goal is to ensure that students experience success in all areas of learning at QSI International School of Münster. If you would like to learn more about our Mastery Learning or Success Orientations, please contact us to visit the campus or arrange a pre-admissions video conference.


Dr. Brian Garner

Director of QSI International School of Münster

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Dr. Brian Garner, Director

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Thank you for selecting QSI International School of Münster and trusting us with your child's education during your stay in Germany.  I am available to answer your questions about how your child is learning and growing at QSI Munster.  

Is QSI Münster getting ready to welcome your child?  Are you relocating and wondering how QSI Münster can meet your child's needs as an international school? Reach out and I am ready to help you learn more about our school and the QSI experience!  


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