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QSI International School of Münster is located in the Latvian Cultural Center in the school facilities originally constructed as the Latvian School.  The surrounding "Kinderhaus" neighborhood is largely a quiet residential area with neighboring German public school campuses as well as several insurance company campuses.    As with all of Münster, large trees are plentiful and houses and buildings are punctuated with farm fields and patches of forest.  Streets are quiet and bicycle lanes abound. From the Münster Promenade in the Old Town, the school is about a 10-minute drive, a 20-minute bike ride, and a 5-minute walk to the nearest city bus stop. 

The 4 stories of the school building include 1 preschool classroom, 3 elementary classrooms, the elementary library, 3 classrooms for middle school and Secondary subject classes, an art room, and the middle/Secondary library.  All rooms have natural lighting through large windows.

The school has ample access to a full-sized indoor gym within 3 minutes' walking distance that students use as part of their physical education class schedule, and the Latvian Center's auditorium is open for the school's use for lessons, activities, community events, and performances.  Students enjoy the large tree-bordered outdoor playground area with a natural court surface, climbing structure / swings / slide, and basketball court.  Parents often gather after the dismissal time in the park-like common ground of the building.